Saturday, February 25, 2012

Building a Museum of Museums on the Web

 In his talk Amit Sood (2011) represents website through which people can have easy access to different museums from all over the world. The idea of making such type of website came from the problem of having difficulties to access to different museums and artworks. The aim of the website is to make this accessible by using the advanced technology.

 The steps of using the website: go to, choose any museum which is available through this website. There are 2 ways of entering to museum, click at any of them and you are in the museum. You can easily move around. If you want to go to the other part of the museum, you open the floor plan, and by one click you can be exactly to that place of the museum. Besides all these, near each painting, which the museums allow us to see, there is “+” sign, by clicking that sign we can see the picture. In the right side of the picture the important information is available for every available painting. You can zoom the paintings and do any research on them by examining from very close. But the greatest advantage of this website is giving an opportunity to anyone to create his or her own collection of different masterpieces.

 He started to show the advantages of this website and available actions on one painting from museum. The painting is “The harvesters” by Pieter Bruegel. By clicking at the “+”sign he gets access to painting itself. By zooming the painting he goes deep, and he found something interesting which is unnoticeable from the first look. In very deep part of the painting an interesting action is noticeable: children are playing a game, which includes beating the goose with sticks.

 I was very interested in this website, as I am great fan of art; especially I like the works of Francisc Goya. I liked it a lot, because it gave me opportunity to watch my favorite paintings from very close. But with all really good advantages and features, this website still has some omissions. First of all there are available only 17 museums from 9 countries. Second, when we go to the floor plan, there are only several rooms available to enter. Third, not all paintings are allowed to see in zoom and in a clear way.

 I hope they will enlarge the number of available museums, because it is really a very good opportunity for those who really value art and cannot pay for travelling to particular country and enjoy those artworks, by using technology get access to different museums. 
This topic was the best topic I have heard till now. The author talks clearly by explaining every simple detail. He clearly states the problem, and gives the solution. He provides his point of view, clearly identifies his assumptions. The topic is clear and accurate. 

Source: Amit Sood (2011) "Building a museum of museums on the web", TEDTalks Art Retrieved from:

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