Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Haunting Photos of Polar Ice

A photographer Camille Seaman (2011) in her talk shows the beauty of icebergs through different interesting and attractive pictures.She interested me a lot and I decided to search and get some information about her. 

 Camille Seaman is a photographer and she takes photographs all over the world using digital and film cameras. She started to photograph icebergs in Polar Regions almost 10 years ago. She was honored with a one-person exhibition “The Last Iceberg” at the National Academy of Sciences in 2008.

 She is trying to show that people are not separate from nature and everything in the world is interconnected. In the Antarctica she saw different icebergs that were almost 200 feet above water.When the ice is cut or breaks off from glaciers, that ice becomes iceberg. Camille Seaman states that each iceberg has its own personality.  They have a separate way of interacting with the environment. Some icebergs stand above the water and continue fight, some others cannot stay longer and they give up. By showing different pictures she is showing that those icebergs are suffering alone like people. When the ice, or as the iceberg melts, it is relisting the mineral rich fresh water, that nourishes many forms of life.

She is telling that she started to take pictures of icebergs as she understood that  in that particular moment, they exist in that way and will never exist in the same way again. When the icebergs melt, it is not the end. It is the continuation of their road through the life cycle. There are icebergs of different ages. Some icebergs are very young: a couple thousand years old and some icebergs are over hundred thousand years old.

By showing one video of rolling iceberg in Greenland, which is about 120 feet or 40 meters above water, she is trying to present how the iceberg shows both sides of its personality.

The author precisely defines the purpose of her talk and shares with her experience by using different pictures of icebergs. She talks clearly and accurate. She uses with very deep meaning ideas and concepts during her talk, provides evidence and clear interpretations. I liked it a lot. 

Source: Seaman Camille (2011) "Haunting Photos of Polar ice" TEDTalk videos art Retrieved from:

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